Isabel Sciutto Folke'ando
Fernando Massino
Roberto Amerise

Folkeando presents: "Paisajes" (Landscapes)

PaisajesPAISAJES is a result of our walk.
Musical touches describing
places, roads, smells,
nostalgias and joys,
losses and reunions.
The ”there” faraway and the ”here” close,
the ”here” faraway and the ”there” very close...
PAISAJES is a quiet walking,
slow but lively.
A walk of searching and findings,
of successes... and mistakes.
It is movement, music, life...
Our life here and there,
yesterday and today,
wich, in a paradox of our soul,
are the same.
Inseparable lives that are one... ours.

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The songs that are included in PAISAJES are:

1. Tonada para Remedios | Willy Alfaro
2. Grito santiagueño | Raúl Carnota
3. Carnavalito del duende | G. Leguizamón
4. Chacarera de un triste | Hermanos Simón
5. Los ejes de mi carreta | Atahualpa Yupanqui
6. Duerme negrito | Trad. caribeño
7. Vidabel | Roberto Amerise
8. Coplas del valle | Ramón Navarro
9. Gato en la nieve | Roberto Amerise
10. Vuelvo al sur | Astor Piazzola, F. Pino Solanas
11. Gråbo vals | Roberto Amerise

Bonus track: Casi, casi | Popular argentina

An special thanks to our guest musicians

Pär Moberg
Soprano saxophone in 7 and 10
Marika Andersen
Clarinet in 8 and 9
Lucia Amerise
Fagott in 9 and 11
Mikael Ekholm
Flute in 9 and 11
Niclas Nyman
Accordion in 11
Gonzalo Céspedes
Quena and zampoña in 1, 2 and bonus track


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